Hollow Sections

Building on a long standing tradition of quality steel pipes and tubes, we manufacture steel Hollow sections and supply to clients nationwide for a variety of applications including mechanical engineering for example, manufacturing of booms, frames and other vehicle components. Especially for applications where high strength combined with excellent usability is needed, with high torsion rigidity and compressive strength, these hollow sections are comparably more efficient than conventional steel sections. The excellent distribution of material around the axis of the square and rectangular steel hollow sections allows for remarkable strength qualities and thus offers decisive advantages in its applications. The smooth and uniform profile of the sections minimizes corrosion and facilitates easy, onsite fabrication to significantly enhance the aesthetics of structures. A higher strength to weight ratio credits these sections with nearly 20% reduction in the use of steel.

1).Dimensions and properties of square hollow sections (SHS)
2).Dimensions and properties of rectangular hollow sections (RHS)