JINDAL-HISSAR, manufactures IS:1239(1), as Electric resistance welded (ERW) High frequency Induction welding (HFIW) MS Black Pipe & GI Steel Pipe, from 15mm NB to 150mm NB, in all the Three classes/series, LIGHT, MEDIUM & HEAVY, of high quality. We are manufacturing ERW pipes since 1960’s in all the classes/series as MS Black Pipe & GI Steel Pipe, with support & technical guidance of experts.  

JINDAL-HISSAR Black steel pipe & GI steel pipe are manufactured using only Hot Rolled Coils (HRC), conforming to IS:10748. Right selection of raw material ensures, low maintenance & high service life.

JINDAL-HISSAR produces, black steel Pipes & Galvanized steel tubes, by strictly adhering to the scheme of inspection laid down by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS). The pipes are rolled with accurate dimensions & superb finishing.

IS:1239(1) Black Steel Pipes can be supplied in length to a maximum of 12 Mtrs. The GI Steel Pipe shall be supplied up to a maximum length of 6.2mtrs. The length of MS Black pipe & GI Steel Pipes can be rolled to Customer specification, but within the length as mentioned.

The JINDAL-HISSAR, Black steel pipe & GI steel pipe are Corrosion resistant being of high strength & high toughness ensures high durability. They can be used for the following applications, to name a few

  • Potable & Raw Water pipe line
  • Air Lines
  • PNG Lines
  • Industrial, fabrication, water & air supply lines
  • Agriculture, water wells & submersibles
  • Barriers for Road, parks
  • Railings for Roadside & Parks
  • Irrigation
  • Structural Works
  • Furniture
  • Pharma Industries
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • For Firefighting in Commercial & residential building
  • Cold storage
  • Chillers
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

JINDAL-HISSAR Galvanized steel tube/pipe are supplied with a protective layer of zinc coating. This zinc protective coating due to its higher thickness, uniform coating & better adhesion protect the GI pipes from further corrosion, thus extending the life of the GI Steel Pipe in use. They can be used for concealed piping as well.

JINDAL-HISSAR Black Pipes can be supplied as bare, varnish coated, paint coated, primer coated, rust preventive oil coated, cladding of pipe, improving the surface quality of pipes & also life of pipe, as the pipe have been coated with anti-corrosion coatings.

JINDAL-HISSAR Black Steel Pipe & GI Steel pipe/tube are both supplied as plain end pipes, both/single ends screwed, Screwed end with socket and used as sanitary fitting in both residential & commercial places. Both MS Black Pipe & Galvanized steel tube/pipe can also be supplied as Bevel end pipes, with an angle of 30° to 35° & 40° to 45°, depending on Customer requirement. JINDAL-HISSAR threaded pipes have deep threads & strong sockets for a better grip.

JINDAL-HISSAR MS Black Pipes & GI Steel pipe both undergo various testing stages, under the supervision of expert eyes of QC department, from Raw material stage to the Final Stage, before being dispatched to the customer/end user.

Due to their multipurpose use, they not only meet national standard, but both MS Black pipes & GI Steel pipe meet the requirements of various international standards.

JINDAL-HISSAR keeps up the Quality of MS black pipes & gi steel pipes by upgrading its plants machinery, technology & process control.

Clients with specialized requirements can contact us directly so that we can customize JINDAL-HISSAR pipes to meet their requirements of not only Indian customers but also international customers.

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