JINDAL-HISSAR - Best manufactures ERW MS Pipes

JINDAL-HISSAR manufactures ERW MS pipes of Size 150mm NB to 300mm NB as per IS:3589, for transportation of Water & Sewage purpose. These pipes are supplied as Bare, Black bituminous Coated, Varnish Coated & even Galvanized as per IS:4736 & other International Standards as per Customer requirement. Only the best Raw Material goes into the Manufacturing of these ERW MS pipes.

JINDAL-HISSAR manufactures these in all three Grades Fe 330, Fe 410 & Fe 450. Due to their high strength ERW MS Black Pipes & MS GI Pipes both can be used at high temperature without losing its shape or change in its properties. As these MS Black & GI Pipes can be manufactured with high wall thickness, the same are best suited for corrosive environments, including water & sewage treatment plants. Due to its ability to withstand high temperature, black steel pipes are extensively used in fire fighting & in some cases even GI pipes are being recommended by architects & engineers to be used in place of MS Black Pipes are zinc coated pipes have a higher life span. JINDAL HISSAR Galvanized Pipes have a thicker coat of Zinc layer, that further increases the life of the Pipe, in comparison to ERW black steel bare pipe.

JINDAL HISSAR MS black pipes or MS GI pipes when used in Fire Fighting system, they along with protection of Customers confidence, they play a vital role in protection of life & property. JINDAL HISSAR’s both Black & GI pipe due to their sturdiness can bear heavy loads.

In addition to Water & Sewage transport, these ERW black steel pipes are used extensive in Structural Engineering, Railways & Oil & Gas refineries. JINDAL HISSAR ERW black steel pipes in addition to the above are being used in chemical & pharmaceutical industries facing a toxic & hazardous environment. The wall thickness range from a minimum of 2.7mm to maximum of 10mm. The Length of JINDAL HISSAR ERW black steel pipe Black Bare & Bituminous paint coated pipe, is 2.7 mtr minimum to a maximum of 12.5mtr. Whereas JINDAL HISSAR, zinc coated Galvanized pipe is 2.7 mtr minimum to 6.2 mtr maximum. ERW Black steel Pipe & MS GI Pipe Ends can be Customer specific, Plain End, Bevel Ends 30° to 35° & 40° to 45°.

JINDAL HISSAR IS:3589 ERW MS steel pipes are hydrostatic test pressure tested. Non-destructive testing both Eddy Current & Ultrasonic testing can be done as per Customer requirement.

Each Consignment further is certified by JINDAL HISSAR for its Chemical & Physical properties, building up customer confidence even more.