The JINDAL-HISSAR HOLLOW CIRCULAR PIPES manufactures IS:3601 pipes as welded carbon steel grade pipes. As this specification falls under the category of PIPES FOR MECHANICAL & GENERAL ENGINEERING PURPOSE, Circular Pipe size from 21.3mm OD (15mm NB) to 323.9mm OD (300mm NB) of different thickness, as per customer specific requirements are manufactured. Minimum Thickness of Pipes for lower sizes is 1.8mm & maximum thickness is 10.0mm for larger diameter pipes.

JINDAL-HISSAR pipes are manufactured using high frequency induction forged welding, imparting a higher strength to the weld portion. The weld flow characteristics are studied and maintained at a perfect level, so that during application the welding holds & pipe stands true. All the grades of specification are rolled by JINDAL-HISSAR,

WT 210
WT 240
WT 310

Based on intended use, customers can order for specific grades. The JINDAL-HISSAR pipes manufactured as per IS:3601, having higher Tensile strength impart toughness to the pipes, which make it ideal for use not only in mechanical purpose but also for general engineering purpose.

These JINDAL-HISSAR carbon steel pipes are having high dimensional accuracy, easy to weld & also low in cost. The IS:3601 JINDAL-HISSAR PIPES are free from harmful surface defects, the surface of the pipes is smooth and is also scale and rust free.

Unless otherwise specified by the Customer, Sulphur & Phosphorus content are kept below 0.005%. Additional mechanical tests include Crushing Test & Drift Expansion Test, in addition to Tensile test. JINDAL-HISSAR carbon steel electric resistance welded pipes can be used in Heat Exchangers in addition to other applications. The Pipes can be supplied as black steel pipes or zinc coated steel pipes. The black steel pipes can be supplied as rust preventive oil coated, black bituminous paint coated, black vranish coated. The coating improves the corrosion resistance of black steel pipes thereby increasing the life of black steel pipes. The zinc coating further not only increases the life span but also helps these black steel pipes to work at higher temperatures. When it comes to using of black steel pipes for general engineering, the different sizes help a lot, 15mm NB to 300mm NB. The High Tensile strength makes it a ideal choice for fabrication, bringing down the weight along with the cost.

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