Steel Pipes for Water Supply

As the specification itself suggests “steel tubes used for water wells”, whenever there is shortage of water, be it potable or for farming, one rushes for ground water supply. And for ground water Tube wells/ submersibles are required to draw water. Jindal – Hissar, manufacture and supplies these steel water pipes using best steel HR Coils, that have been rolled by SAIL’s Bokaro Steel Plant or its own sister concern, JSW-Bellary or JSPL-Odisha. One can depend on these steel water pipes, be it mountain terrain or sand dunes, during boring they taken on toughest of the challenge and give the nectar of life, WATER. Pipe for water supply, after boring done, these same steel water pipes are used for transportation of water. Boring of water wells cut downs cost and uses less space.

These pipes for water supply are used to transport water on hilly terrain or buried under the ground, the steel water pipes do their duty without fail. Being of High Tensile strength of grades Fe 410 & Fe450, these Pipes for water supply are not easily eroded/ rusted. This hardness property of steel water pipes protects it from wear & tear & unlike low tensile strength pipes are not damaged easily. During, water drawing from boring & transporting of water supply on terrain, these steel water pipes can withstand high water pressure as they are tested at 7MPa or 71.4 kg/cm².

These Pipes for water supply, are strong enough to bear high ground pressure and do not collapse, unlike PVC or Cement pipes. Steel water pipe can be easily welded for long distance laying of pipes for water supply. For boring male – female threads can be cut on Steel water pipes forming a strong joint. Grooving can also be done & steel water pipes be held together using Victaulic couplings, ruling out use of Plumber/Technical guys.  

When Steel water pipes laid on the ground in city or town, vehicles are not stopped from plying over these Pipes for water supply, which shows their performance under adverse condition.

During heavy rains, when low lying area of the city go under water, these steel water pipes are connected to storm water pumps, the steel water pipe used here can be a slotted pipe, leaving no gap for choking of water pump and taking in water from all sides, bringing relief to the dwellers there, also proving that pipes for water supply can also be used for draining water, even if water level is low.