Jindal Pipe-Hissar, along with round pipes, is also involved in manufacture of Hollow sections, both RECTANGULAR HOLLOW SECTION & SQUARE HOLLOW SECTION. These sections manufactured fall under the category, COLD FORMED HOLLOW SECTION.

Jindal pipe-Hissar, products have earned the reputation of impeccable Quality and  total reliability in Square, Rectangular, Circular MS Hollow Section Pipes for structural purpose. The name has become synonyms with the best in cold formed Steel Hollow Sections . Manufactured in its state-of-the art manufacturing plant, the MS Hollow Section Pipes are regarded best for their excellent quality and reliability. Jindal pipe -Hissar having BIS certification of  IS:4923-2017 & IS:1161-2018 and backed by our reputed Brand Name JINDAL-HISSAR and MS Hollow Section Pipes offer most vast range in-

CF SHS(Cold formed Square Hollow Section) : 25mm X 25mm to 220mm X 220mm

CF RHS(Cold formed Rectangular Hollow Section): 50mm X 25mm to 200mm X 100mm

CF CHS(Cold formed Circular Hollow Section) : 15mm to 300mm

Hollow sections are supplied to clients nationwide for a variety of applications including mechanical engineering for example, manufacturing of booms, frames and other vehicle components, especially for applications where high strength combined with excellent usability is needed. With high torsion rigidity and compressive strength, JINDAL-HISSAR make MS Hollow Section Pipes are comparably more efficient, convenient, durable and long life span than conventional steel sections. The excellent distribution of material around the axis of the square and rectangular steel hollow sections allows for remarkable strength qualities and thus offers decisive advantages in its applications. The smooth and uniform profile of the MS Hollow Section Pipes minimizes the corrosion affect and facilitates easy, onsite fabrication to significantly enhance the aesthetics of structures. A higher strength to weight ratio credits these MS Hollow Section Pipes with nearly 20% reduction in the use of steel.

Jindal-HISSAR never compromise on Quality front even under the most adverse market conditions. Mainly SAIL and JSW material in Steel is being used to cater to high quality hollow sections (Square, rectangular and circular), pipes/tubes. Our hollow sections, pipes are engraved with ISI mark and trade mark ‘ Jindal ’ with the device of the map of India in oval shape and word `HISSAR' underneath, which has become synonymous with high quality. Each hollow sections, pipe/tube manufactured by JINDAL INDUSTRIES PVT LIMITED is a testimony to our commitment to Quality and Service. JINDAL INDUSTRIES PVT LIMITED is a prestigious company of JINDAL, who have proved their unerring might in steel sector, having unstinted record of four decades' service to the nation. Building on a long standing tradition of quality steel pipes and tubes.

The best part of Jindal Pipe-Hissar hollow section is that, it is available in all grades that fall under the specification, YST 210
YST 240
YST 310
YST 355

all under one roof. As the Section pipes come in various sizes, the customer is at liberty to have the right size for his specific use. With advancement of prefabricated structures, the demand for High yield strength hollow sections have increased & Jindal Pipe-Hissar is not behind in this race also. Less wall thickness and high yield strength helps to replace heavier low yield strength material of high thickness. Bringing down the weight of the structure, the cost & increasing the safety factor of the structure.

Due to easy disbursement of Heat, these hollow sections are used in places with high working temperature. As the hardness of the Material increases, the rate of corrosion decreases, thus giving a longer life to the structure that has been fabricated by usage of Jindal Pipe-Hissar hollow sections. In addition to being lightweight, they are sturdier, have precise dimension, all these factors lead Jindal-Hissar section pipes to a long service life. As the Jindal-Hissar hollow section pipe has the ability to withstand extreme weather conditions, it's a favourite for fabricators of industrial sheds. Not mentioning it's use for bridges and other structures. It can be said that Jindal Pipe-Hissar hollow section are less expensive and deliver a good performance, similarly like the high quality Round hollow sections it has been delivering since its inception.

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