Poles – as the name defines, a long piece of metal to hold something up. Swaged Tubular Pole is another high Quality product of Jindal-Hissar, conforming to IS:2713(Part-1 to 3) – 1980, is used to hold Electric current wires for conveying current for short as well as long distances. The Swaged Tubular Poles of smaller height/length may be either used as Poles for Lighting, or similarly POLES of larger height/length may be used for holding of wires for long distance electricity/current conveyance.

Production of Jindal-Hissar Swaged steel Tubular Pole, starts with Steel in form of HR coils procured from the finest steel rolling mills, SAIL, JSW, JSPL, to name a few. The raw material used is as per IS:10748. Further the Coils are Rolled on sophisticated Mills to manufacture High frequency Induction ERW Pipes as per IS:1161. These Pipes are further processed to make a Pole as per IS:2713, with diminishing diameters from bottom to top. In addition, each pole is supplied with base plates of cast iron, for strengthening ground support.

Jindal-Hissar supplies Swaged Tubular Poles of designation 410SP-1 to 410SP-66, from 7 meter in overall length to 12meter overall length, depending upon the use.

Jindal-Hissar Swaged Tubular Poles, being round in shape offer minimum wind resistance, unlike cement poles, being rectangular in shape take heavy beating during adverse climate conditions. Jindal-Hissar Swaged Tubular Poles, are very elastic and their high strength, take in all kinds of shocks without losing shape & standing upright through high turbulence. Because of this property are being majorly used in hilly areas, where earlier wooden poles were used.

Swaged steel Tubular Pole, being highly resistant to corrosion, offer a better option of replacement for traditional/old concepts. The bottom part, planting depth is protected by a layer of black bituminous paint & the upper part covered with layers of primer Red oxide or zinc chromate or chromate based, before giving the final coat of customer defined paint coat.

Swaged Steel Tubular Poles – in a way is a new concept being designed to meet the Customer requirements. Versatile demands of Architects & designers are also met, while manufacturing one. These Steel Poles are also more economical than the traditional ones.

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